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Welcome to our first blog entry. For our readers, we hope to educate and give advice about commercial roofing and what you can do to maintain a healthy roofing system. We serve all of Georgia including Atlanta, Athens, Milledgeville, Augusta, Savannah, Albany, Rome, Cleveland, and all cities in between. But, our territory isn’t limited to Georgia as we also serve most of the states in the southeast.

Now that we have introduced our new blog, let’s talk about general roofing terms. When describing a roof on most commercial buildings that isn’t a metal or shingle roof, it is usually described as a “flat” roof. But, for about 95% of the commercial roofs out there, they are actually considered a “low-slope” roof. Meaning the roof is not flat but probably has a slope between ¼’ to 1” per foot. If you have ever spilled a cup of water on a table, you can see it doesn’t take much for water to run. So, in order to move water off of a roof system, a “low slope” has been designed into the structure to move water to the gutter system or drains. The few “flat roofs” that are out there are truly “flat” and are designed with a roofing system and structure to manage ponding water, although these systems are rarely used anymore.

Thanks for your time and if there are any questions about your commercial roofing system, please call or send us an email to info@watertightroofingservices.com. We are here to serve your needs.

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