The Right Roof For Your Building!

The key to a great roofing system is determining the right type of roof for each individual structure. Every building is built and designed differently. These different designs and uses need different
types of roofing systems. A reputable contractor will take the time to determine what system best fits the owner’s building while considering the importance of cost and making options available.

All buildings have different roof decks depending on its design and use. The building could have a wood deck, structural concrete deck, T panel deck, metal deck, gypsum deck, tectum deck, etc. Each of these decks require different applications of roofing systems. Not only does the roof deck affect the type of roofing system needed, but how the roof is used and trafficked is important to the life of the roof. A roof with little mechanical equipment and traffic is suitable for an EPDM roofing system. Because it will have little traffic, the less likely damage will occur. For buildings that have roofs with a lot of mechanical equipment, meaning there will be a lot of traffic for servicing this equipment, a more durable system is needed such as a asphalt based system. These could be anything from a built-up roof to a modified bitumen roofing system. These systems are built and designed to handle heavy traffic. Another option for a heavily trafficked roof is a TPO system. Although aTPO roofing system is a single ply membrane, unlike built-up systems which consist of mulitple plies, it is very durable and can handle more abuse than an EPDM system. They are also very economical and a good value for the owner.

Watertight Roofing Services, LLC prides itself on investigating each buiding separately from all others and determining what roofing system works best for that situation. There isn’t a “catch all” roofing system that will work for all buildings. So, providing quality and value is our goal and to accomplish that we must do our homework with the owner’s best interest in mind.

WRS, LLC is a full service commercial roofing company. WRS serves all of Georgia including Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Millegeville, Albany, Savannah, Gainesville, and the state of South Carolina including Greenville and Colombia.

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