The Right Roof For Your Building!

The key to a great roofing system is determining the right type of roof for each individual structure. Every building is built and designed differently. These different designs and uses need different
types of roofing systems. A reputable contractor will take the time to determine what system best fits the owner’s building while considering the importance of cost and making options available. Continue reading “The Right Roof For Your Building!”

Position paper about direct sales of roofing materials to owners

Position paper about direct sales of roofing materials to owners

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) cautions the building owner who is contemplating a new or re-roofing project about contracting for the purchase of roofing materials separately from the installation of the roof from two different parties. By purchasing materials and labor separately, the owner is more likely to encounter problems during and after construction due to the division of responsibility. Continue reading “Position paper about direct sales of roofing materials to owners”

Cool Colors

Tests have shown that on a 90-degree day, a white roof will only have a temperature of 110 degrees at its surface while a black roof will have a reading of 190 degrees. However, it would be a very dull country if architects and builders could not enhance the appearance of their products and were restricted to white, despite the energy savings. Consequently, roof coatings manufacturers have been developing cool roof coatings that increase heat reflectivity and reduce emissivity without sacrificing color choices. Continue reading “Cool Colors”

Welcome to WRS, LLC!

Welcome to our first blog entry. For our readers, we hope to educate and give advice about commercial roofing and what you can do to maintain a healthy roofing system. We serve all of Georgia including Atlanta, Athens, Milledgeville, Augusta, Savannah, Albany, Rome, Cleveland, and all cities in between. But, our territory isn’t limited to Georgia as we also serve most of the states in the southeast. Continue reading “Welcome to WRS, LLC!”