New Barrow high school to be ‘choice’ for students

The new high school in Barrow County, the county’s third high school, would teach students in a different way and would be a “choice” school, the new principal of the school told BOE members recently.
The new school, which has not been named, is going by two names at the moment — one from the construction officials, East Barrow High School; one from the educators, Barrow Arts and Sciences Academy.
The name for the school will come through a board process.
The Barrow County Board of Education got a report on the structure of the new school at its work session. 
Dale Simpson, the current assistant principal at Sims Academy of Innovation and Technology and the new principal for the third school, touted it as “several smaller schools.” He said each “school” would be known as an academy and presented six potential areas – art and design; music and dance; theatre and film; life and health science; math, science and engineering; and technology and computer science.
Simpson said the district has increased in enrollment by 308 students in three years and that growth is expected to continue. 
He said both current high schools are over their capacity. Apalachee High School has 1,839 students and Winder-Barrow High School has 2,007.
The new school would “build on” the Center for Innovative Teaching, now being held in the former Russell Middle School. He said the curriculum would be “an extension but also an adaptation” of the CFIT model.
That model includes instruction in multiple areas with the “dominant” theme of the academy, such as art and design.
“This theme is integrated into everything,” Simpson said. He emphasized that the “creative side is married with the technical side.”
See more in the March 6 edition of the Barrow News-Journal.

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