Signs of Roof Storm Damage

Signs of Roof Storm Damage

When a storm rolls through and drops undesirable things on your roof and causes damage, the real threat isn’t the impact of a tree branch. It’s the water that leaks in afterward. Water can spread through the rafters and leak all over the attic and drip down in the walls or onto the floor.

The sooner you can seal your roof back up, even temporarily, the more you can mitigate the worst part of storm damage. So it’s important for homeowners to be able to recognize the first sign of storm damage.

If you suspect there is something wrong, checking for storm damage to your roof is dangerous and should be left to the pros. When walking on a damaged roof a loose shingle or panel can slip out from under you and cause you to fall. If your roof is broken the last thing you need is to break your leg as well, so leave the inspection up to our roofers (and as an added bonus, those are free).

But there are some things you can do from inside your house or from safely on the ground. Look for these tell-tale-signs to help identify a storm damaged roof.

1. Dripping water

This one is pretty obvious, but if there is a storm or some reason you think there may be roof damage scour your sealing for any puddles or dripping water. A puddle on dark colored carpet may not be noticeable until you splash into it, probably wearing your favorite comfy socks.

2. New or unexplained spots

Leaks don’t always drip from the ceiling like the “drafty old house” in It’s A Wonderful Life. Sometimes you only notice a growing dark spot on the ceiling or even on the wall. Pro tip: don’t poke that spot on the ceiling, it might just collapse and dump water everywhere.

3. Unusual sounds

Rattling, bumping, falling and crashing are all highly suspect sounds when it comes to storms and roofs. If you’ve ever lived below noisy upstairs neighbors you know how well sound carries. If you’re hearing something odd going on up there it might be time to call for your free inspection.

4. Debris on the ground

Finally, check to see if anything that ought to be on the roof is actually on the ground. This could include shingles, tin panels, flashing, fascia, or any other piece of wood.

If you notice any of these things during or after a storm don’t hesitate to call us! The inspection is free and the cost will be lower the sooner you get started!

What Our Customers Say

“I could not be more pleased with my experience using this company for a residential roof replacement in Okatie, SC. I received estimates from multiple companies and decided to go with Watertight Roofing. They stripped the old material down to the plywood, replaced any pieces of the plywood that had water damage, and installed a new roof. It looks fantastic. We are getting ready to put the house on the market, so I was also concerned with whether the crew would damage the plants and landscaping around the house with the removal of the old roof. I was so pleased with how well they cleaned up and took care not to damage any of the landscaping. I would recommend to anyone.”

–Brian Magee

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