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These days, more people in Northeast Georgia are considering Metal Roof Installation for their homes. The professionals at Watertight Exteriors can tell you if Metal Roof Installation is right for you!

Are You Considering Metal Roof Installation for your Northeast Georgia Home? Call Watertight Exteriors

Metal Roofing for residential homes in Northeast Georgia is a very trendy topic right now. And why wouldn’t it be? When good people, like yourself, see the possibilities of a 50-year warranty on a roof, or they see phrases like “the only roof you’ll need in your lifetime,” they get pretty excited. But there are a lot of companies, even here in Northeast Georgia, that are consistently preying on that general excitement and intrigue regarding residential metal roofing. These companies often don’t know how or don’t care to know how to correctly install your Metal Roofing. All they care about is taking your hard-earned money, and hitting the road. But when you choose Watertight Exteriors for your Metal Roof Installation needs, you get Northeast Georgia’s premier expert on Metal Roofing for your Northeast Georgia home!

The Short-Term and Long-Term Costs of Metal Roofing for Your Northeast Georgia Home

It is beneficial to look at the comparison between metal roof cost versus shingle roof cost to determine if a metal roof installation is right for your home! With the average cost/square foot of metal roofing ranging between $7-$13, and the average size of an American home roof being around 1700-1800 square feet, you’d think you could just base your total cost off the total of those numbers. You could also see why some homeowners shy away from professional metal roof installation. A metal roof may not be the best fit for your Northeast Georgia home, but it’s important to look at the short-term and long-term costs of a metal roof installation and compare the value of metal roofing. Your total cost up front will be a combination of the price of the metal roofing, shipping, delivery, taxes, and the labor involved in removing your current roofing materials and correctly installing your new metal roof. That “correctly installing” part is a major factor in your long-term costs & total value.

The Huge Potential Value of Professional Metal Roof Installation for your Home – Watertight Exteriors

With Watertight Exteriors, one of the best professional metal roofing companies, you can expect a longer lasting roof, a discount on homeowners insurance, a much higher return on investment, a lower roof maintenance bill, and monthly savings on your energy bill. But please bear in mind, a Metal Roof that is not installed by professionals could turn into a never-ending nightmare! When you choose Watertight Exteriors for your Metal Roof Installation, you can enjoy the bliss of 50-year factory warranties, up to 50% savings on your electric bill, a full 100% return on your investment if you decide to sell, and most importantly you can have a roof that lasts 4-5 times as long as a traditional asphalt roof. That’s why many folks in our area call Metal Roofing the “Roof of a Lifetime” for your home. If you’re interested in hearing more about Metal Roof Installation from Watertight Exteriors, call or contact us today! Our experts are standing by!

What Our Customers Say

“I could not be more pleased with my experience using this company for a residential roof replacement in Okatie, SC. I received estimates from multiple companies and decided to go with Watertight Roofing. They stripped the old material down to the plywood, replaced any pieces of the plywood that had water damage, and installed a new roof. It looks fantastic. We are getting ready to put the house on the market, so I was also concerned with whether the crew would damage the plants and landscaping around the house with the removal of the old roof. I was so pleased with how well they cleaned up and took care not to damage any of the landscaping. I would recommend to anyone.”

–Brian Magee

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