Emergency Roof Services

Emergency Roof Services

The roof serves as your home’s first line of defense. However, it’s vulnerable to unexpected damage when severe weather makes it way through your hometown. A brief lesson on what to do and who to call when faced with a need for emergency roof repair can help minimize damage and ensure safety.

Step 1: Identifying a Roofing Emergency

Some situations are moderate and don’t need assistance from 24 hour emergency roof leak repair. For example, deterioration due to age and exposure to the elements, clogged up gutters, damaged flashing, broken tiles or shingles, or loose fasteners can cause mild leaks during severe weather conditions. Rather than using emergency roof repair, these short-term issues can be solved by locating the entrance of rain and collecting the water with a bin. More serious conditions can cause damage requiring emergency roof leak repair or other emergency roof repair. For example:

  • Your home gets a direct hit of lightning, burning a hole into the roof
  • A tree limb falls and penetrates through your roof and the decking underneath it
  • High windstorms cause the removal of shingles or metal panels, damaging the substrate underneath it

Considering instances like these, 24 hour emergency roof repair near me is a necessity. When the structure of a roof is compromised and a significant amount of water enters your home, immediately look into emergency roof leak repair.

Step 2: Who to Contact for Help

Rather than waiting until the last minute, go ahead and research experienced roofing companies who offer emergency roof repair. Find a licensed company with a good reputation and a fully-insured local roofing contractor. When you call for emergency roof repair, the contractor should arrive shortly, tarp the area that’s damaged, and secure the roof through the storm’s lifetime.

Step 3: What to do Until Help Arrives

The most important tip we can offer is not to check your roof for damage during the time of the storm. If your situation includes a relatively large hole in the roof causing rainwater to flood inside, immediately shut off your main electrical supply switch. In order to minimize damage before the emergency roof leak repair arrives, set out as many buckets as possible and move valuables to dry areas. If items or furniture cannot be moved, cover it with plastic or tarps. Lastly, contact your insurance provider and notify them of the severe weather incident.

If you are ever in need of emergency roof repair for situations similar to those listed above, don’t hesitate to call Watertight Exteriors! Our professionals respond quickly, efficiently, and effectively to your emergency roof repair needs. We offer 24 hour emergency roof repair services that can save you from further damage to get your home on the fastest track to recovery. Put your mind at ease and call emergency roof repair from Watertight Exteriors!

What Our Customers Say

“After Hurricane Irma, our properties incurred heavy of damage to several roofs on our apartment buildings. Watertight Roofing did an excellent job of repairing any damage that occurred during the storms in a timely manner. In addition, they went above and beyond ensuring the safety of our tenant’s vehicles on property while making the repairs. Each time Watertight Roofing was performing repairs on the property they were very conscientious and courteous of our tenants and extremely polite. They remained in constant communication with our office staff during the entire repair in order to provide a smooth schedule. They ended each day of work by cleaning up the parking lots, sidewalks, and green spaces of all debris and nails that had fallen during the day. We will highly recommend to any other commercial complex in need of roofing repairs or new construction to call Watertight Roofing for their excellent services!

–Jackson Stout

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