Common Summertime Roofing Problems

Common Summertime Roofing Problems

Summer might arguably be the best season of the year, but it comes at a price. It’s easy to get caught up in the heat while relaxing by the pool, lake, or beach. Often, people forget about a detrimental factor of the enjoyable season: summertime storms and other roof problems. In the midst of all the fun, you must not forget to practice routine maintenance and assess your roof. Many different elements can cause harm, impacting roof quality and leaving behind damage. Here’s a couple of things to look out for during the summer season:

  1. Heat and UV Rays: We all know summer is the perfect time to work on your tan, but not without a lot of burn. Just like your skin, roofs can suffer from the sun’s powerful UV rays. Some of top roofing problems come from dried out shingles and plastic waterproofing layers. Some evident signs of sun damage are cracking, peeling, and shrinking of these layers. Make sure to check your roof at least once a season to prevent some of the most common and harmful roof problems.
  2. Algae: The summertime rain paired with warm weather creates the perfect environment for algae and moss to grow. Although summer rain helps cool the air, it causes growth that can harm the roofing system. Without properly handling the situation, your shingles could be ruined and leaks can occur. Make sure to contact a professional to fix your roof problems before it is too late. 
  3. Summertime Storms: Storms are inevitable, so taking preventative measures to protect your roof is wise. For starters, keep trees trimmed and make note of loose branches. Additionally, check your roof after major storms to look for damage. If any damage is evident, even if it’s minor, go ahead and call an expert to come take a look. 
  4. Wind: Summertime storms can bring high speed winds, which can lift and remove shingles. If you start to see shingles in your yard, it may be a good time to check out a roof inspection service. With missing shingles, rain can leak through the ceiling and cause further damage to your home. 
  5. Ventilation: Although hard to spot, improper ventilation can cause serious roof problems beneath the surface. During the summer, it’s crucial to have an expert come and inspect both your attic and your roof. Damage to one will cause damage to the other, so it is important to get both looked at. This is one of the top roofing problems, yet people still fail to follow through with inspection. 

In Northeast Georgia, we hope Watertight Exteriors is your first call when you need a roof inspection. We inspect at such an expert level, there will be no mistaking whether you need Roof Replacement Services, Roof Repairs, Emergency Repairs, Insurance Claim Repairs, Exterior Renovation Services, or any other service we offer. 

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“After Hurricane Irma, our properties incurred heavy of damage to several roofs on our apartment buildings. Watertight Roofing did an excellent job of repairing any damage that occurred during the storms in a timely manner. In addition, they went above and beyond ensuring the safety of our tenant’s vehicles on property while making the repairs. Each time Watertight Roofing was performing repairs on the property they were very conscientious and courteous of our tenants and extremely polite. They remained in constant communication with our office staff during the entire repair in order to provide a smooth schedule. They ended each day of work by cleaning up the parking lots, sidewalks, and green spaces of all debris and nails that had fallen during the day. We will highly recommend to any other commercial complex in need of roofing repairs or new construction to call Watertight Roofing for their excellent services!

–Jackson Stout

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