April Showers Bring Roofing Problems

April Showers Bring Roofing Problems

As rain begins to pour, the changing temperatures cause the plywood in roofs to expand and contract. Downfalls of rain can subject your home to flooding.

Some tips to prepare your home for the changing seasons:

  1. Check your roof for:
    1. Damaged, cracked or torn shingles
    2. Stress signs such as loose material or wear around vents and pipes
    3. Dark spots
  2. Clean your gutters to keep them from piling up with debris and causing clogs.
    1. Sweep out the debris into garbage bags–don’t forget to wear gloves!
    2. Take a garden hose and remove any leftover gunk

At Watertight Exteriors, we never cut corners with your home roofing and home exterior needs. We use only the highest quality materials and most current roofing and exterior techniques. Since the very beginning of our Residential Roofing services, we have taken great pride in providing outstanding service for our fellow Northeast Georgia friends and neighbors from start to finish.

That includes a FREE Roof Inspection from one of our Certified Roof Inspection Pros! If you need a Certified Roof Inspection Professional to take a look at your leaking roof, your damaged shingles, or any part of your home’s exterior, don’t delay! Call Watertight Exteriors at (770) 868-0290 to take the first step in getting your home in top shape!

Before spring blooms make sure to check out these tips to keep your home sparkling inside and out!

  1. Replace water, range hood and air vent filters. Changing them every 3 to 6 months will keep your home in peak condition.
  2. Clean out dryer vent. Clogged dryer vents can be a fire hazard. SImply use a brush to remove lint from the vent.
  3. Check pipes for any leaks. This will help keep your air clean from allergens.

What Our Customers Say

“After Hurricane Irma, our properties incurred heavy of damage to several roofs on our apartment buildings. Watertight Roofing did an excellent job of repairing any damage that occurred during the storms in a timely manner. In addition, they went above and beyond ensuring the safety of our tenant’s vehicles on property while making the repairs. Each time Watertight Roofing was performing repairs on the property they were very conscientious and courteous of our tenants and extremely polite. They remained in constant communication with our office staff during the entire repair in order to provide a smooth schedule. They ended each day of work by cleaning up the parking lots, sidewalks, and green spaces of all debris and nails that had fallen during the day. We will highly recommend to any other commercial complex in need of roofing repairs or new construction to call Watertight Roofing for their excellent services!

–Jackson Stout

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